Art Exhibition in the Square

The eastern wall of the square is home to a rolling art exhibition. Sponsored by Circleline Design, the display changes every month or two, and brings colour and variety to the space.

Current exhibition: Abstract Expressionism - Teresa Narduzzo 


Teresa Narduzzo is an Abstract Expressionist painter based in Hoxton, whose work has been widely exhibited and collected in London and across Europe. "This work is an ongoing conversation about any one moment; being present and aware of all which flows through and all that remains; the balancing, holding or letting go of each of those realities. Every waking minute carries with it responses from what has gone before and to what lies ahead: The inevitability of future change and the absolute of the past, a consciousness of the chatter, a stilling of the moment, an expression of here."

Previous exhibitions:

Gig Paintings  - by Gina Southgate, live paintings. August 2014

Gina Southgate is a local artist, whose practice includes painting jazz musicians, while they perform, at gigs. "This selection of my paintings was influenced by a need to salute the work of the Vortex and Gillett Square and to celebrate Dalston's vibrant community that I've been part of for 23 years. Long may it continue."

Fake Nature - with Made in Arts London

Graduated and graduating students from University of the Arts London exhibited their art in Stamford Works for a weekend at the beginning of June, and a selection of images from this show are on display in the square.

Blend In or Stand Out - Circleline Design

Fabric design company Circleline made a series of concept costumes - all out of paper. Photographs from this show were on display in Gillett Square throughout May 2014.

Living by the Wall - Inside Out Project

Portraits of young people aged between the ages of 14 and 24, Palestinian Jews, Muslims and Christians, taken by a Palestinian photographer called Hamde Abu Ramah. The project aims to show the rich diversity of people living together in peace in the West Bank.